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    Jan 23, 2018
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    Hi there!! I see no one has posted here yet so I want to be the first to greet myself. My name is Oreobot / AtThatTime, but most people call me Atty for short. I don't do too much within the small community we have, apart from fix and edit the Discord Server. I am not too good at making threads like this so lets start off with some basic stuff!
    My occupation is very simple! I am a college student, studying game development / design. In my spare time I draw digital art and commissions for other people. I also work with and help their community as a Global-Moderator. This basically means I moderate the streamers and make sure they're not up to any funny business.
    In general, I am a chill person. I love to listen to Future-Bass, relax and have an energy-drink now and then. This thread is so short...
    I look forward to meeting you all on both the server and Discord server! Thanks for reading my short- extremely bad greetings post~!

    - Oreobot / AtThatTime.